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Welcome to the Honors Learning Center
 Our programs provide individualized academic programs for students in Grades K-12 as well as College & Adult Learners. As Tennessee’s first learning center to be accredited by both SACS and CITA, our goal at the Honors is to improve student performance and help all students achieve.

Whether a student is in need of tutorial or remedial help in reading, comprehension, math, language arts or striving to improve organizational skills or college admission, Honors can help. Strategies through our proven SAT or ACT preparation courses, the Honors Learning Center offers a program that can make a difference. Remedial programs help our students catch up and our enrichment programs help advance students to achieve even more!

Using the Honors proprietary educational materials as well as other researched and evidenced based resources, the Honors gets students back on track or ahead of the pack.  This, coupled with continuous positive reinforcement by our certified teachers results in an educational experience that may give each student the advantage that lasts a lifetime.

We have partnered with local public and private schools to provide parents new opportunities to make sure their children receive the very best education possible. In addition, we also provide services to homeschool families. This includes high school credit for selected subjects and summer school options.
“If children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams!”  David Vitter, US Congressman from Louisiana

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