Individualized Programs

Positive reinforcement is a primary focus at the Honors. We eliminate each student’s fear of failure by taking away no-win situations. The Honors Center Director develops each student’s individualized, instructional program to start them at a level that allows them to build a foundation of self-confidence. The HONORS believes you must build on the basics. Working a minimum of two hours each week, the Honors begins with the fundamentals which will enable each student to advance to more complex concepts. The Honors teachers work on a one-to-one basis and there are never more than three students at the table working on their individualized programs. Each student receives a free re-test after every 36 hours of instruction to determine their progress.

* Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

* Sixth through Eighth Grade

* Ninth through Twelfth Grade

* Prep Courses

* College and Adults


Pre-Admission Testing

Each HONORS’ student undergoes over two hours of academic testing before admission. These tests are administered by our state certified evaluators with special training in educational testing and evaluation. We use the test results to develop the instructional prescription of materials and curricula to address the student’s special needs.

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