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Ninth through Twelfth Grade

Ninth through twelfth grade students are often enrolled at the Honors for very specific needs. They may come to improve reading comprehension and reading speed in order to take more challenging classes at school. Careful analysis of their reading ability often reveals that they missed some phonics skills in the earlier grades or that their vocabulary weaknesses are affecting comprehension. An individualized program will be developed for each student to improve these skills. Spelling, grammar, and vocabulary weaknesses may be affecting the student’s ability to write stories and reports. Programs to eliminate their weaknesses as well as the Honors “Brainstorming” program will help the student actually learn to enjoy writing.

The need for Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II support brings many students to the Honors. These students work with a certified secondary math teacher on homework support and preparing for tests as well as remediating any basic math skills, which may be weak. Often these students are also being prepared for the SAT and ACT test.


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