Prep Courses


Many students seek to improve study skills or college admission strategies through our proven SAT, ACT or GED Preparation Courses. The Honors offers a multitude of programs strengthening a multitude of skills. Our preparation courses can assist students with:

·  Remediation
·  Weak Skills
·  Test Practice
·  Test-Taking Strategies
To prepare a student for any of the tests, the Honors Learning Center would administer approximately two hours of comprehensive, nationally-normed, educational testing to determine strengths, weaknesses, and basic skills knowledge. An individualized program will be built to meet each student’s needs with emphasis placed on skills needed for that particular test.

Immediately following the pre-admission testing, there is a post-test conference to discuss the test results and program planning. Every Honors student has an individualized program, and all regular fees and class schedules apply.

All students need to develop a firm grasp of basic reading and math skills. Some of the tests listed put more emphasis on English skills and some put more emphasis on vocabulary skills. In some cases, the student will need to review algebra and geometry in order to do well on the test. Some of the tests evaluate what the student actually knows while others rely more on the student’s ability to reason and apply information. An individualized Honors program may also review how to relieve test-taking anxiety.

Some students may want to concentrate on other academic areas and do test preparation as only part of their program. This can easily be arranged because each student has an individualized program.

*SAT is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board
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*PSAT is a trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation

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