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Sixth through Eighth Grade


 The middle school years are certainly a challenge for many students. Many students in grades six, seven, and eight come to us because of poor study skills and declining grades. They may also have weaknesses in reading and math. Often it is necessary to remediate phonics, and reading comprehension as well as basic math skills. Quite often, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar skills need to be reinforced and writing skills need to be enhanced. Due to the importance of peer relations and physiological changes, middle school students often lose academic focus and need the Honors to redirect them. Students who may have loved to read in elementary school may have lost interest due to social issues and other activities. Through their lessons at the Honors, students are able to regain their interest in reading by improving skills. The positive interaction and interest from their Honors instructor helps many students in this group to learn the importance of asking for help when needed. This is especially important when math concepts and procedures are challenging.

Learning good time management and organization, note taking, and test taking strategies are only a part of the study skills a student will learn at the Honors.

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